Living on the planet as if we intend to stay.

Why Regenerative Living?

The world has changed. It's time we changed.

It's time we acknowledged that we are nature.

Over the past 14,000 years humans have degraded our planet and the plants, animals and ecologies within it. Today, we hear we can be 'sustainable'.  But, as any musician knows, sustaining a note is holding the same note. There's not much about our current way of being that should be sustained. The time is now to reach beyond sustainable and instead work towards a regenerative future.

It's time to live on the planet like we intend to stay.


Our society has lived in this state for millennia. Thinking we're better than the nature that evolved us, it's a state of exploitation, instant gratification, suffering, unimpeded exponential growth, fragility and ultimately collapse.

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Sustaining our society as is, is barely surviving. Separate from nature, we live in fear focusing on conservation, attempting to control complexity and  resiliency instead of moving past just delaying collapse. 

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When we act in a regenerative manner we acknowledge that - we are nature. In this state we can thrive, act from of a place of compassion and co-create a future that's abundant for all beings.

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Get Closer To Your Nature

Regenerative Living collaborates with instructors from all over the world to bring the best practical skills.

From short introductions to deep dives, Regenerative Living is a community that connects and thrives with practical skills and principles.

Our Courses

Practical Skills

Our courses provide practical skills for self reliance and regenerative living. We focus on stepping stones to build your personal capacity and secure your food, water, shelter, energy and community.

Globally Oriented

We work with instructors and students from around the globe, bringing traditional skills and innovative solutions to you, wherever you are in the world. 


We work with instructors and students from around the globe, bringing traditional skills and innovative solutions to you, wherever you are in the world. 
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What our students have to say about our education

"I have loved every single session. I have felt so connected to the material being presented to me and it is saturating my mind with a deeper knowledge or understanding of the soil food web. I am taking in so much new information and really do treat each session like an educational class where I am pausing and taking notes. It is so helpful to learn and make changes to some of my farming practices."
RAchel Cope
"This was my first experience with online learning and I was quite amazed how good it worked for me. I found the examples and the material prepared to help me understand the topics, easy to digest and helpful with the sometimes challenging tasks for every week. The comments I received from our instructor Javan gave new insights and let to improve the final result."
Gernote Premper
"I highly recommend using keyline to design your farm operations and spend the time to listen or hire a professional like Javan. His knowledge on the subject is vast and to have Javan come to your property will save you years of headaches, mismanagement of water, and comfort in knowing things just work!"
Blake Goddard
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